M602: Seminar in Musicology. The passion music of C.P.E. Bach

Daniel R. Melamed

School of Music, Indiana University

Fall 2004






30 August        1. Introduction/CPEB as Hamburg church musician. Guest: Prof. Reginald L. Sanders

 6 September   2. Background topics

13 September  3. The 1789 passion--Analytical issues

20 September  4. The 1789 passion--Analytical issues, cont.

27 September  5. The 1789 passion--sources

 4 October       6. The Matthew passions

11 October      7. The 1771 passion--sources

18 October      8. The 1771 passion--sources

25 October      9. The 1771 passion--analytical issues

 1 November  10.  Individual passions--overviews

 8 November   11. [Individual meetings]

15 November  12. Guest: Paul Corneilson (Managing Editor, CPEB: CW)

22 November  13.  DRM on earlier Hamburg passions / Presentation:  1. M. Nisbet

29 November  14. Presentations:    2. R. Goldberg (with Table)       3. T. Yeager                4. A. Shaffer

6 December     15. Presentations:   5. T. Cheng (with Table and Table)    6. C. Hunter (with Appendix)  7. S. Winks



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Original sources


Sing-Akademie sources on microfiche: AKK5958 -- SHELVED WITH FRONTLOG MICROFICHES

    Part 1, Supplement II; index/guide in box

Sing-Akademie sources on CD-ROM: AKK5958 --SHELVED BEHIND THE FRONT DESK

    Part 1, Supplement II; no index/guide

Telemann sources on microfiche: AKK5958 -- SHELVED WITH FRONTLOG MICROFICHES

    Part 2


Librettos in electronic form

Mt Mk Lk Jh
1769 1770 1771 1772


1774 1775 1776
1777 1778


1781 1782


1785 1786 1787 1788


St John passions

St Luke passions

St Mark passions

St Matthew passions

Materials on personal reserve


Black binder labeled “Selected Works”


Maroon binder labeled “Bach & Telemann Articles”


White binder labeled “1789 Passion Proofs”


White binder labeled “C.P.E. Bach Complete Works (excerpts)”


White binder labeled “Luke Passion (Working Manuscript)”


1. Introduction/C.P.E. Bach as Hamburg church musician.


Please read

Ottenberg, Hans-Günter. C.P.E. Bach. Translated by Philip J. Whitmore. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1987. [ML410.B112 O872]

Ulrich Leisinger's entry in the new New Grove.

Sanders, Reginald LeMonte. "Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and liturgical music at the Hamburg principal churches from 1768 to 1788." Ph.D. diss, Yale University, 2001. [Frontlog books 5788853]


2. Background topics

A. CPEB editions/catalogues: T. Cheng

B. CPEB estate/auction catalogues/sources: C. Hunter

C. The Sing-Akademie zu Berlin/recovery of sources: A. Shaffer

D. CPEB's church music repertory (his own music): M. Nisbet

E. CPEB's church music repertory (Fremdwerke): S. Winks

F. Hamburg hymnals: T. Yeager

G. CPEB passion music studies to date: R. Goldberg


3. The 1789 passion