MUS-M 510: Writing About Music                                                                                 Daniel R. Melamed  

Indiana University Jacobs School of Music                                                                                 Spring 2022    




Tue 11 Jan    Introduction

Thu 13 Jan    Assignment 1. Analysis of a published concert review


Tue 18 Jan    Assignment 2. Concert review/Comparative analysis of liner notes

Thu 20 Jan   


Tue 25 Jan    Assignment 3. Concert review/Liner note

Thu 27 Jan   


Tue   1 Feb    Assignment 4. Concert review/Comparative analysis of published reviews

Thu   3 Feb


Tue   8 Feb    Assignment 5. Concert review/Liner note                    

Thu 10 Feb  


Tue 15 Feb    Assignment 6. Concert review/Liner note

Thu 17 Feb   


Tue 22 Feb    Assignment 7. Concert review/Liner note

Thu 24 Feb   


Tue   1 Mar   Assignment 8. Concert review/Comparative analysis of recording reviews    

Thu   3 Mar     


Tue   8 Mar   Assignment 9. Concert review/Recording review 

Thu 10 Mar 

Spring Break

Tue 22 Mar   Assignment 10. Concert review/Recording review  

Thu 24 Mar       


Tue 29 Mar   Assignment 11. Concert review/Liner note (complete program)

Thu 31 Mar    


Tue   5 Apr   Assignment 12. Concert review/Recording review (multiple recordings)

Thu   7 Apr


Tue 12 Apr   Assignment 13. Concert review/Feature story                             

Thu 14 Apr     


Tue 19 Apr   Assignment 14. Concert review/Blog entry   

Thu 21 Apr      


Tue 26 Apr   Assignment 15. Concert review    

Thu 28 Apr   Wrap-up    



Prof. Daniel R. Melamed      dmelamed (at)
Office: M325C, (85)5-8252. Office hours by appointment.
Course web page: =


In this course you will learn to write for non-specialists about music, focusing on journalistic criticism (reviews of concerts), notes for recordings and concert programs, reviews of recordings, blog posts and feature stories. We will read published criticism and notes, but will mostly spend our time discussing writings by members of the class.



The class will meet twice a week. There is an assignment for each meeting due at 8 PM the day before; i.e., Monday at 8 for Tuesday's class and Wednesday at 8 for Thursday's.

In weeks in which there are two assignments, half the class (Group 1) should do the first assignment on Tuesday and the second on Thursday; the other half (Group 2) should start with the second assignment on Tuesday and then do the first on Thursday.

                     Group 1  (A first, then B)                   Group 2 (B first, then A)

Marinna Carmichael                            Elizabeth Frickey

Margaret Eronimous                            Samuel Grace

Aidan Hedrick                                     Solene Le Van

Sarah Le Van                                       Jasper Rogal

Matthew Wachtman                              Lynnli Wang

Assignments designated "post" must be circulated to members of the class (see below for instructions). Note that a few assignments do not need to be posted.

In class we will discuss the posted writings and the issues they raise. You should read each carefully and be prepared to participate in a constructive discussion.  Please bring a copy of every text to class on paper or in electronic form.

Assignments circulated in this course are to be considered private and should not be shared with anyone else without the author's permission.

Please also submit every assignment on paper in class on its due date, both the ones you post and the others. Double space, with one-inch margins, not right-justified. Put your name and the assignment number at the top.

Keep a folder of returned, marked-up assignments, which you will be asked to submit together at the end of the semester.



Academic conduct

You may discuss assignments with classmates and others as much as you like, but all written work must be entirely your own. Every use of the work of others must be fully documented. If you violate the standards of academic conduct you will fail the course.



Please consult the instructor if you need accommodation of a disability or for religious observance, according to University policies.



A useful resource for finding published concert reviews is Lexis/Nexis.



Please post assignments by e-mail as single-spaced plain text with paragraph breaks:



Peter Jacobi in the Bloomington Herald-Times
Anthony Tommasini in the New York Times

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Assignment 4

Assignment 5

Assignment 6

Assignment 7

Assignment 8

Assignment 9

Assignment 10

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Assignment 14

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